Vertical and Horizontal Sash Windows (Single and Double Glazed)

We provide a selection of both vertical and horizontal sash windows. We are able to custom fit these windows to fit the specifications of your project. We also offer single and double glazed varieties, to provide additional customisation.


We have the two basic types when it comes to sash windows: single and double. Single sash sliding windows have only one moveable window while the other pane is in a fixed position. A double sash window allows for the movement of both panes.


Vertical Sash Windows


Our vertical sash windows open in an upward motion and close with a downward motion. This is why they are easier to close and provide a stronger insulation factor, which reduces the chance of a draft developing due to an improperly closed window. We offer the vertical sash window in both single and double glazing, which provides additional insulation benefits for your property.


Horizontal Sash Windows


These windows are much easier to close and reach than the vertical ones. They slide side to side and open in a horizontal manner.


We offer a variety of frames, including aluminium and wood for both vertical and horizontal sash windows. This provides for a custom fit and look that will appeal to your home or building. When you select our double glazed sash windows you will have the added benefits of increased insulation from heat and sound.


Both the vertical and horizontal sash windows we offer also provide exceptional security with the lock in style in which they are designed. If you are interested in having these windows installed, call our glass professionals today. We can provide a custom fit and design to suit your needs at your home or place of business.