Two-way Mirrors

We offer glass and acrylic mirrors that feature a semi-transparent coating, which is known as either a one or two way mirror. Each selection offers customisable sizes including thickness to fit your particular needs.


Glass Two Way Mirror


A glass two way mirror is much flatter than the acrylic option and contains a bronze tint. Our selection of glass two way mirrors are reflective on one side and allows the observer to look through it from the other. All that is visible on the reflective side is the person’s reflection. We are able to temper the glass used for two way mirrors in order to increase the strength by up to 10 times. While the glass is rated for use outdoors, it can provide many benefits indoors, as well.




Our glass two way mirrors are often used in police investigation rooms, casinos and retail establishments. They provide a durable and resistant barrier for police line ups, observing customers for shoplifters or watching a casino floor. We can customise the size of your glass in order to fit the needs of your particular project. This glass is reliable and tough, but still easily cleaned with a standard glass cleaner and regular paper towels.


Acrylic Two Way Mirror


If you opt for our acrylic two way mirror options, you will find an option that is virtually shatterproof. It has a silver coating that makes it appear to be a standard mirror. The acrylic is a material that is reflective from each side which means that the side of observation must be less illuminated than the side which is being observed, with best case scenario being pitch black.


In most cases our glass two way mirror options will complete your project to the fullest satisfaction. To get more information just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.