Two-Way Mirrors

Our two way mirrors provide a level of optical clarity that provides ghostless images, as well as distortion free colour which was previously only available in extremely expensive forefront surface glass mirrors. We also offer lightweight and extremely portable options with many different customisable options.




Our two way mirrors provide the perfect option for a number of applications, including:


• Architecture: This provides the ability to increase the visual perception of the space quickly and efficiently;

• Theatricals: They provide the perfect option for use with special effects and theatrics;

• Exhibition: We have shatterproof options that provide a display on each side of the product that is completely safe. Our two way mirrors can provide the perfect surface for silk screen printing, pictures, advertisements and etc;

• Visual aids: Our two way mirrors can be used in places such as skating rinks, hospitals, gyms, health clubs and swimming pools;

• Security and monitoring: With the ever increasing need for protection and security of your property and life, our two way mirrors provide the perfect option. These mirrors are able to be placed strategically to provide a system of low maintenance security which will help protect your assets.


Options and Features


When it comes to your two way mirrors, we are able to provide customised products which will meet the needs of your project. From options such as the type of glass that is used to the details that are provided on the finished product, we can ensure that the two way mirror you receive meets your specifications perfectly.


If you are ready for a classy way to remain informed of what is going on in your business, two way mirrors may be the perfect option. They provide you with an excellent view and add aesthetic appeal to your space. These two way mirrors will be made to your specifications offering a perfect fit for the finished product of your project.