Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is created by subjecting the final glass product to a treatment of heating and cooling. The strength of the glass is increased by providing a balance of compressive stresses, as well as tensile stresses in the centre of the sheet of glass. Once completed, the glass is up to five times stronger than regular glass that has the same thickness.


How Toughened Glass Works


The stresses that are highly compressive on the surface provide the increased resistance to both thermal and mechanical stresses. However, the toughened glass is still able to break with extreme loads, or due to severe impact. When the toughened glass is broken, it shatters into very small, blunt edged fragments, which reduces the chance of personal injury.


Benefits and Features


The Thickened glass that we offer provides many benefits and features:


• Due to the increased strength, it allows builders and architects a greater scope to utilize glass in buildings.

• It is heat soaked to provide increased confidence when used.

• Provides five times more strength than regular types of glass.

• Perfect for use as window barriers, curtain walling and interior design.

• Reduced risk of personal injury upon breakage.

• Decreased risk of thermal breakage.


We offer a wide range of different design options to provide the final product you need and desire.




Toughened glass offers options for both residential and commercial spaces. Residential applications include:


• Roof lights.

• Internal glazing.

• Conservatories.

• Doors and windows.


Commercial applications include


• External balustrade.

• Curtain walls.

• Canopies.

• Entrance doors.

• Windows.

• Internal partitions.

• Glass structure.


The toughened glass we offer is made to the highest standards and is passed through a series of quality control checks. If you are looking for ordinary glass to be more durable and strong, heat resistant or safe, then our toughened glass will provide you with a proven and complete solution.


For more information and advice please contact us today so that we can assist your further with your plans.