Toughened Balustrades

We offer glass for balustrade use. This is one of the most popular options due to the wind protection that is offered, as well as the fact that it does not obstruct the view. We offer both clear glass for maximum viewing capabilities, as well as tinted glass for an additional sense of privacy.


We also offer a variety of thickness ranges in our glass balustrades with thinner options for infill panels, for surrounding pools and thicker options with a unique frameless look. All of the toughened glass that we provide is offered with a polished finish, which provides a consistent profile for each panel.


The toughened balustrades provide up to five times the strength of traditional glass, which is why it has been referred to as “bullet proof” glass. While this is not true, its exceptional strength exceeds both structural and safety standards.


Creation Process


The toughened glass that we offer is created from annealed glass through a thermal tempering process. It is then placed on a ceramic table of rollers where it is heated. In a separate process it is moved into a chamber where the cooling process forces a rapid freezing that locks tension into the glass panel. This additional strength is why it is the ideal selection for use in balustrades.


We offer the glass for these balustrades from 4mm to 19mm to accommodate your projects specific needs. If you are looking for superior quality glass which has been finished to the highest standards call us today to discuss your needs.