Secondary Glazing

Our secondary glazing process involves the installation of fully, new and independent secondary frames on your window. They consist of a slim line window installed on the room side of the primary or existing window. Typically hard wood and aluminium sub-frame systems are used. When our technicians install these windows they will provide your home or business with many benefits. We can provide custom fits for any project you have, which will give you superior results.




The main benefits which are offered with the installation of our secondary glazing windows include:


• Acoustic insulation: This will protect you from the noise pollution which is present in everyday life.

• Thermal insulation: This can offer significant savings on energy costs and reduce your fuel bills.

• Window security: Our secondary glazing windows offer a protective barrier against impact as well as intruders.




Secondary glazing is beneficial for many buildings, both residential and commercial. Some applications that our products are utilized for include:


• Offices;

• Homes;

• Schools;

• Museums;

• Hotels;

• Clean rooms;

• Public buildings.


The reason behind the wide array of uses for this product lies with the benefits that it provides.


We offer several options for customisation, which will allow you to get the extra benefits you may be after. For example, we can provide additional noise security by installing thicker glass. It is important to tell us the specific goals you have in mind for your project in order to be sure that we create the perfect secondary glazing for your needs.


Installing secondary glazing windows will improve the overall comfort in your home or office. We will work with you to ensure the needs of your home or business are met and that the windows fit properly into the existing space. This can reduce noise, costs and increase your security when we install them to your building.