Raked and Stepped Units

We offer a wide array of custom designed products to suit any job you may have. This means that you will have a distinctive door or window arrangement which is unique to your building. Two of our specialties, which we can offer in custom designs, are raked and stepped units.


Raked Glass Units


This type of glass is used for an area where you have a glass fence line that must change its height. Our panels can be customised in size and thickness to accommodate your needs. Additionally, you can choose to have the raked glass installed semi frameless or frameless.


Stepped Glass Units


These provide architectural interest to your building and are designed to hit the floor or base at different intervals or levels to provide a glass area up stairs or in other uneven areas.


We offer both stepped and raked glass units for both residential and commercial purposes, to meet the needs of all our customers. They can be customised to the size and thickness that you need to complete the project that you are working on. If you have a need for this type of glass, call our experienced technicians to discuss the parameters of your project. This will help ensure that you receive the perfect finishing touch to your project.