Patterned and Tinted Float Glass

Float glass is the most readily available kind of glass on the market today. It is called “float” glass due to the method in which it is produced. Molten glass is floated on a bed of tin in liquid form where it then settles in flat sheets. To create patterned and tinted varieties there are a few extra steps in the process.


We can customise a selection of patterned and tinted float glass in order for you to ensure you achieve the desired look for your project.


Tinted Glass


This is created by adding chemical compounds to float glass while it is being formed. This will change the colour of the resulting product, giving it a tint which is consistent throughout the sheet. There are three basic colours, however many others are available with a custom order. We strive to offer solutions for any specialty glass colour you require for the successful completion of your project.


Patterned Glass


Patterned glass is created in sheets of float glass when the sheets are still in a partially molten form. While in this form the glass is pressed between a set of metal rollers, which leaves a pattern behind. Each pattern has its own unique texture and allows for a custom and unique look. Additionally, the pattern is able to be applied where light can be added to a room while preserving a suitable amount of privacy.


In many cases we can help to create a custom pattern for your specific needs. If you require a particular tint or patterned float glass call our professional glass technicians today to get your project started. We provide exceptionally high-quality services, with a high regard to your expectations.