Patio Doors

The patio door is one of the most trending features of any home. They offer several benefits including convenience to outdoor areas as well as providing unimpeded views which provide natural light in the space.


The patio doors that we offer feature modern and newly designed styles that do not have the poor security, leakage or heat loss of older versions. The frames and the glass that we use is much more energy efficient, and we ensure that each of the doors we install features high-quality locking mechanisms for increased security, as well as sophisticated flashing to prevent any type of leakage.


You should select your patio door based on the style, aesthetic appeal and functionality that it gives to your space. The three basic styles of patio doors that we offer include:


• Sliding Patio Doors: These are typically referred to as bypass or gliding doors. They are an extremely popular option. These doors consist of two or more panels, where at least one of the panels slides on the rollers. The movable panes are able to be combined with stationary panels to provide a broad expanse of glass. The glass panels will also slide parallel to the walls in your home to ensure that there is no interference with furniture or pathways.

• Swinging Patio Doors: These are often referred to as hinged patio doors and are operated in the same manner as traditional exterior doors. They offer glass panels that are full view and typically hung in pairs. These panels open in a type of butterfly wing style. French doors are also a variety of swinging patio doors.

• Folding Patio Doors: This is a door system that can open in a wide area which will expose your home to the great outdoors. The doors will typically open in an accordion style, which means that the sections fold away for full access to the exterior space. We offer selections from two to eight panels.




Some of the materials that we use to create the patio doors are designed to provide custom looks and styles which create the space that you ultimately want. Some of the materials you can choose from include aluminium, fiberglass, wood, vinyl, steel and clad wood.


Energy Efficient Techniques


No matter which of our patio doors you choose, they offer energy efficient benefits that can decrease your utility costs by quite a substantial amount.


We strive to offer the perfect patio doors for your needs, providing superior results for your space.