We understand that when it comes to placing mirrors in your home, you may want a unique and custom look that adds an aesthetic appeal and style to your space. However, we also understand that residential areas are not the only place that can benefit from a custom mirror. Commercial businesses can also use mirrors to provide decorative appeal and modern design to the space.


Not only do we provide a huge selection of mirrors, our professional glass technicians will work with you to stay within your budget. From the cut to the colour and texture, the customisation options are endless.


With the extensive knowledge we have about mirrors and glass in general, we can help to provide you with ideas about the installation and design of the products we offer, or simply execute your pre-determined vision.




Some of the features that we offer with our mirrors include:


• Custom texture;

• Custom thickness;

• Custom colour.




The applications of the mirrors that we offer go far beyond the traditional. Some of the most common applications that we provide for custom made mirrors include:


• Glass tabletops;

• Room dividers;

• Windows;

• Kitchen cabinets;

• Closet doors;

• Shower doors;

• Entrances and storefronts;

• Guards on machines.


We also offer professional fabrication services including:


• Edgework: We can provide custom edgework for your mirrors including polished, finished and bevelled glass edges;

• Holes and notches;

• Various shapes including circles, hexagons, triangles, ovals and more.


You can choose one of our pre-designed options or let us create your vision. We will work with you to create a mirror which will complement your space and provide you with the look and feel you want to achieve for both residential homes and commercial businesses.