We understand that one of the most common problems with sliding glass hardware is the locks. There are a number of different locks which may accompany your sliding glass doors and windows, and each of these lock options can become jammed in different ways. We offer repair services for these problems, to ensure that your locks are working properly, so they continue to provide superior safety and security.


Standard Types of Door Locks


Most glass doors will have a standard pin tumbler, much like what is on a traditional door. One of the most common issues we see with these locks is that they are difficult to turn. This can be in the form of a sticky lock, or a completely immovable one due to debris which is present in the hardware, and can make it hard to turn or unlock with the key.


In both cases, we can fix the problem easily and efficiently and ensure that your sliding glass door is in proper working order once again.


Sliding Locks


These are another common option that work by sliding a notch up or down. This can experience the same problems as standard locks including a blockage or stickiness. These issues can make it nearly impossible to open and close doors or windows.


Our professional technicians understand how to quickly fix these problems and ensure that your locks are operating smoothly, no matter the type. If you need assistance with any lock problems contact us today to see what we can do for you.