Laminated Security Glass

The laminated security glass we offer provides tough results for any project. When you require security and safety, we have a wide array of performance glass items to accommodate your specific needs.


Laminated security glass is the reliable option for glass floors, entrance doors, display cases and aquariums. It is created by the fusion of two or more panes of glass with a plastic interlayer. This helps the glass to resist any penetration by impacting objects. If the glass does break, it will not shatter or scatter. The pieces remain in the frame, which will help to minimize the risk of injury from falling glass particles or sharp edges.




The products that we offer provide superior protection and utilization of lightweight materials which are created with extensive research and development. We provide the needed panels and offer solutions for most types of application.


Some of the most commonly used applications of laminated security glass include:


• Partitioning.

• Counter Screens.

• Facades.

• Viewing Panels.

• Vehicle Glass.


While this glass can be used in any business or residential setting, it is especially helpful for prisons, pawn brokers, security vehicles, banks, jewelers, government buildings, ATMs, domestic premises and betting shops.


Why Choose Laminated Security Glass?


There is no question that increasing crime in recent years has dictated the need for additional security. In order to satisfy this need, we offer laminated security glass to meet the demands that have been placed by threats of domestic terrorism as well as persistent and deliberate attacks against property.


We can easily provide solutions for all of your security glass needs. With custom fit panes which are designed for the purpose of ultimate protection, you can have confidence in knowing that you will have protection and security for your business or residence at all times.


Call us today to find out what we can offer you in terms of using the best laminated security glass on the market.