Laminated Glass

When it comes to selecting the proper type of glass for your project, there are a myriad of options to consider. If you are looking for superior strength and durability, then laminated glass is definitely the best option. The main idea behind laminated glass is to prevent extreme, messy breaks. When laminated glass breaks, the pieces stay in place, which is the complete opposite to tempered glass when there are still dull pieces of shattered glass to clean up. This makes a smart choice for a wide array of purposes.


The Difference


The process of creating laminated glass is in adhering two separate pieces of tempered glass with a layer of vinyl. The vinyl holds the glass pieces together even when objects strike the glass. This prevents a huge mess and potential safety hazard which is presented when other types of glass are broken.




Laminated glass is typically used as the windshield for automobiles and the same safety standards which the road dictates can be beneficial when used in the home or office. For example, if you have pets or children, a laminated glass table can help prevent serious injury in case of breakage. This type of glass can also be used for the following purposes:


• Public art exhibits;

• Store fronts;

• Balconies;

• Skylights;

• Machinery;

• Glass floors;

• Aquariums.


While the custom thickness of laminated glass is ¼ inch due to the strength it provides, we are able to custom create pieces which meet the specifications of your project. Additionally, we offer laminated glass with several other options, including colour and different types of edges.


For example, we can provide you with laminated glass, cut to your size specifications in white or clear and that has flat-polished or seamed edges. This type of glass is actually appealing for many projects due to its durability, resistance and ability to prevent serious injury upon breakage.


There is no reason why you should settle for low-quality glass which presents a series of potential safety hazards, when we offer a wide selection of customisable laminate glass sheets.

No matter what your plans, even if you are building a see through aquarium bar, or creating a glass wall, laminated glass can provide you with the options necessary for successful implementation, as well as a durable finished product.