Glazing Systems of DORMA and GEZE

We offer superior services and quality products for all of your glass needs. Our glazing systems of DORMA and GEZE are no exception.




We offer a wide array of DORMA products which offer the latest and most modern door system for the needs of your building. These doors offer enhanced safety, convenience and security around the entire door structure. No matter what plans you have for the doors, our DORMA products will provide the proper operating system.


Our DORMA products provide design oriented products that include a full range of architectural hardware for doors, unique access solutions, specialty types of hardware for the wall and door applications, revolving doors, automation systems for doors and wall systems that are operable.




The DORMA solutions that we offer provide unique products for all types of structures including educational facilities, governmental facilities, museums, hospitality, office buildings, retail shops and health care facilities.




Our GEZE glass systems are products that provide for a transparent and open room design. Modern design has provided new uses for glass including replacement of facades, doors that were otherwise made of cement, plastic or wood and partitions. We have noticed that even in the sector of construction the use of glass is becoming much more relevant.


Our GEZE glass systems provide a subtle look for the architecture of the building and help to accentuate other features.


Some of the GEZE applications that we offer include:


• Manual sliding door systems;

• Manual swing door systems;

• Automatic sliding door systems;

• All glass systems;

• Integrated all glass systems;

• Manual sliding wall systems.


When you select these products we can provide you with custom fits and work for your project. Creating a unique and original space is easy with the use of glazing systems of DORMA and GEZE. Let our experienced technicians provide you with a full view of what we can do and add to your space today.