Glass Roofs

If you have a need to have your glass roof glazed, you can have confidence in knowing that our workers are trained to provide exceptional services, even from extreme heights. The fact is that modern design and architecture thrives on new and unique elements such as glass roofs. They are popular for both residential and commercial buildings.


Glass roofs are also a popular way to provide natural light to central areas in a building. We also understand that the proper glass must be used in order to create a safe roof area. Additionally, if the roof area is going to be walked on, it will also have to be treated as a glass floor. Our technicians understand what glass is suitable for these purposes.


Types of Glass


We suggest that you use a glass option that will hold together if it is struck or broken. This will provide safety and protection for those who may be nearby or under the roof in the event that it becomes broken. Additionally, if you do experience a break or crack, you should call our technicians to replace the roof glass as soon as possible to prevent any safety issues.


Keep in mind, while toughened glass is a popular option for glass roofs, it does break into small shards when broken. This can cause serious injury to anyone below the area where the glass breaks. In order to reduce the instance of injury you should ensure that the thickness is minimized, which will eliminate the chance of serious injury.




There are many benefits to adding a glass roof to your home or building. It lets in natural light and can illuminate an area of your home that may otherwise be absent of this feature. Additionally, it adds a modern style to your building, which has become extremely popular with modern architecture.


Call our trained and experienced glass technicians to discuss your glass roof project today. They will be able to provide you with free advice to ensure you end up with superior results.