Georgian Wire Cast Glass

We pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of different types of glass to accommodate your needs. One such option is Georgian Wired Glass. This type of glass features an obscured rolled pattern which contains steel mesh. The Georgian Wired Glass that we offer is a type of clear glass which contains the steel mesh embedded into the actual glass during the molten phase of the manufacturing process.




Our Georgian Wire Glass comes in several varieties, offering much more security than traditional, non-wired glass. Additionally, it has a fire rating of 60 minutes when it is glazed into any fire door.




The most common applications of our Georgian Wire Glass include:


  • In windows, partitions and fire doors in many different buildings where safety glass is not a required element.
  • In fire integrity products, to help and restrict the spread of hot gases and flames.
  • We offer this glass in both obscured and clear versions.


Georgian Wire Polished Plate


This glass also provides superior fire protection for a wide array of purposes. We are able to cut each of these options for your specific project, and provide strength, integrity and resilience to your architectural needs.


Georgian Wire Cast Glass


This features the same benefits and applications as the polished option, however provides an obscured pattern for additional privacy. It is virtually shatter proof, as well as fire proof to provide superior protection and durability.


Georgian Wire Safety Polish


The Georgian Wire Safety Polish that we offer is most commonly used for glass in public buildings as well as for office doors. It features a 30 minute fire rating and provides high safety features due to the wired gird within the glass. This prevents shards of glass from scattering everywhere if breakage occurs.


We can meet the custom specifications for your project when you order Georgian Wire Glass. Each option provides high safety standards as well as fire resistant properties.