Frameless Glazing – Armour Plate Doors

Frameless glazing is a process that was previously known as armour plate doors. While it is not a new concept, it has evolved from previous versions, which offer new and modern features, such as clean lines and stainless steel fittings.


Our frameless glazing doors can provide that “wow” factor that you desire in your home or business. They are perfect for internal partitioning, as well as commercial entrances.




There are many uses for frameless glazing, which include:


• Balconies

• Canopies

• Balustrades


Each of these purposes can be combined with either Satin Stainless steel, polished stainless steel or a variety of other options for the fittings you choose. We can custom order the fittings to ensure your frameless glazing has all the features and aesthetic appeal that you desire.


There is no question that we have the specialist knowledge necessary to provide frameless glazing for any purpose including any number of residential projects and commercial or retail space. We work to provide armour plate doors for entrenches, glass canopies and tension wire structures, among other purposes. The selection that we offer is also provided in both non-fire and fire rated specifications, providing even more security and protection.




There are several styles of armour plate doors that we offer, all having their own appeal, dependent on your specific needs. Some of these styles include:


• Automatic doors;

• Sliding doors;

• Swinging doors;

• Revolving doors.


Additionally, our frameless glazing provides the perfect materials for glass flooring, frameless shop fronts and roof structures.


You can talk with our professional technicians in order to determine what will work best for your project. We will work to create your custom glass panes which will meet your particular specifications perfectly.


For further information please contact us today to get professional advice on all your glass related needs.