Double Glazed and Triple Glazed Sealed Units

We offer double glazing and triple glazing for optimum energy conservation in your residence or business. When our glass experts provide these custom services for your windows, it can have a significant impact on the energy usage of your building.


Double Glazed Unit


This is the most basic option and features two pieces of glass which are separated by a type of spacer bar, which is used to denote the cavity thickness. This provides for more UV protection than the traditional single pane glass which is usually purchased. The spacer bars we use are usually from six to four millimeters. This provides a thickness of the finished product from 14 to 16 millimeters, however we are also able to provide custom thickness sizes upon request.


Triple Glazed Units


We create these by using three different panes of glass and two spacers. This offers the ultimate in UV protection. Keep in mind that triple glazing windows cost almost 20 percent more than the double glazing option, however it can reduce the total heat loss by up to five percent. This is a decision that you will have to consider when selecting the options for your building or construction purposes. A triple glazed unit is usually also up to 50 percent heavier than the double glazed option, which is a consideration that you should make when you place your order.


We can provide customisations such as patterned, toughened or obscured glass panes in the double and triple glass options, offering a customised look for your project. We can also custom cut this glass to fit your size specifications, which provides for the best finishing touches to your building or home.