Aluminium and Wooden Frames

We offer both aluminium and wooden frames for your windows. Each of the options provide benefits for your home or building, which you will have to evaluate to determine which is right for your space.


aluminium Frames


Aluminium frames are non-corrosive, durable, strong and light. They can be easily extruded into many complex shapes which are required for the window parts. We can also fabricate it to an extremely close tolerance in order to create a special form for the insertion of weather-stripping, thermal breaks and glazing. Our selection of aluminium frames are also available in factory added, high-quality painted finishes and anodized to provide durable frames that are considered low-maintenance.


One of the biggest disadvantages of choosing an aluminium frame is the fact that it has high thermal conductance, which will increase the entire U-factor of any window unit. Due to this, the actual thermal resistance of the aluminium frame is by the surface of the frame, rather than the projected area or thickness, as is true with other types of frame materials.


Wood Frames


This is one of the most widely used framing materials due to the fact that it is widely available and easily shaped into a variety of sizes in order to accommodate many different types of windows. While our wood frames may not be one of the most durable types we offer, they can have an extremely long life. Additionally, we can cover the outer surface of a wood frame with aluminium or vinyl, which creates a permanent surface that is weather-resistant.


When it comes to considering the thermal benefits, our wood frames perform well with thicker options by providing more insulation. However, the metal reinforcements can lower the performance of our wood frames.


It is important to determine which option is best for you by talking with our glass technicians. We can offer custom shapes, sizes and colours for most specifications in regards to a wide range of frames and glass.