24 Hour Emergency Glazing

There is no question that with even the very best double glazing, trouble can still arise. However, we have found that up to 90 percent of the cases we evaluate for UPVC doors, windows and other glass structures that have damage, are repairable.


We always make every effort to repair any existing damage, prior to suggesting a replacement. Replacements are only suggested if no other options are viable.


The fact is that we offer a wide array of services which can be utilized to replace any serviceable part of your structure. Even if you simply need scratches and scuffs removed from the window frames, we have unique techniques to accomplish this, as well.


You can call at any time to receive a free estimate of our repair or replacement costs.


The applications that we offer for glass repair services and double glazing include:


• Handles, locks and hinges;

• Door knockers and spyholes;

• Installation of letter boxes;

• Removal of temporary panes to permit entry for furniture;

• Providing upgrades to glass that is energy efficient;

• Servicing for full doors, windows and conservatories.


We offer 24 hour glazing services each and every day to ensure that your needs are met, no matter what they may be.


If you are in need of these services, you can be rest assured that we can provide professional completion or repair of your problem in a timely manner. This will ensure business can return to usually as soon as possible and that your profit loss will be minimized as much as possible.