We offer a wide array of skylights including low profile and storm resistant options. Our skylights are designed to be aesthetically appealing as well as provide durability and longevity. We offer both wood and aluminium framed options, with an array of glass options to capture the specific look you desire.


We can install skylights on both flat and pitched roofs. The structural support on pitched roofs is also installed below the skylight rafters, which will not interfere with the view that is provided.


Applications and Styles


There are a variety of styles that can be selected, and the glass can be cut into any shape and size to accommodate any size and style of skylight that you desire for your space. Skylights are popular features for both residential and commercial spaces, allowing natural light to stream into a room, where it may have been otherwise unavailable.


Energy Efficiency Benefits


We also offer a selection of skylights with energy efficient benefits. This includes a variety of colours and tints to help you save money on utility costs.


Other Features


Some of the other features which we offer with our skylights include:


• Motorized venting systems;

• Storm resistant glass;

• Rain sensors to close the skylight when rain is detected;

• Temperature controls.


Each of the skylights that we offer is to the highest standards and provides the latest in technology. The fact is that the addition of a skylight can create a more productive workplace and a mood elevating element to any space where it is installed.


We can install a skylight while your home or building is being constructed, or after the construction is completed. Our technicians have no problems working from heights and are properly trained to operate the equipment necessary to get the job done right the very first time.