Mirrors With Polishing, Bevelling and Metal Foiling

We offer custom fitting services for polished or bevelled edge mirrors, as well as glue fixings and a metal foil backing. We will bevel the mirror to your specifications. Each of the mirrors that we offer are able to be cut to fit your needs.


Polished Mirrors


Our flat polished mirrors have been placed in a machine that polishes the edge. This is one of the most popular choices for our mirrors and an affordable option for home owners or businesses on a budget.


Bevelled Mirrors


Our bevelled mirrors have been put through a special process that involves cutting the edges to a specific angle and size. This creates an extremely elegant appearance. The bevelled mirrors that we offer have the look of a frame around the outside edge.


Metal Foil Mirrors


These are an economical alternative to traditional glass mirrors, offering the same look and appeal as traditional mirrors, at a lower cost.


Working to accommodate each of your needs for a perfect custom mirror is a priority for our glass technicians. We ensure a tight fit for any mirror we create. Additionally, we offer an array of options in order to personalise the look of your mirror to your particular style. Additionally, we can work to ensure that any lights, switches or outlets are incorporated into your mirror should your project dictate.


No matter if you need one mirror for your residential space, or hundreds for your business, we can accommodate your needs with great looking options which are durable and resilient. There are many options to choose from, each offering a new look that can complement the existing d├ęcor that you have. We will work with you to design, cut and finish a mirror to your specifications, which will provide the finishing touches to your project.