Glass shower and closet doors are popular additions for many homes. They provide a unique and modern look for your bathroom and bedroom spaces. There are some homes that also have glass doors for their pantries, and other purposes. When the hinges become broken or damaged you may think that the only option is to replace the entire door.


The good news is that our professional glass technicians can repair your hinges on the glass doors to ensure they are working properly. We can also completely replace the entire hinge if necessary to ensure that the door is functioning correctly.


Repair Services


Our technicians will evaluate the problem with your hinge to determine if repairs are possible. They will only suggest replacements if no other viable solutions are possible. We will arrive on site with the proper tools and equipment to get the job done properly and ensure that the hinge is fixed and functioning properly before we leave.


Keep in mind, we will repair hinges that we have installed, as well as ones that we haven’t. Our quality services provide you with the peace of mind that the job will be completed properly the first time round. If you need any sort of hinge repair, call our glass technicians and see what they have to offer. No matter if it is for residential or commercial purposes, our hinge repair services will have your doors or windows up and opening properly in no time.