Glazing with the use of Cranes, Glass Robots, Cherry Pickers, Towers and Scaffold Towers

When it comes to working on specialised architectural projects, high rises and other complicated designs, we are confident in using glass robots, towers, scaffolds, cranes, cherry pickers and other equipment which is necessary to get the job done.


We will install your selected product properly the first time, no matter how extensive the measures on projects large and small. No matter what type, size or style of glass is chosen, we understand the proper way to handle and install for a superior look and function. Regardless of whether we are installing windows on your three story country estate, or a multi-story high rise, we have the quality materials and experience to provide you with stunning results.


Each of our professional glass technicians have all the experience and skills needed to install glass at extreme heights. Combining the use of cherry pickers, glass robots, towers, cranes and scaffolds is something we do on a regular basis. Not only are our workers trained on these types of equipment, they also know how to operate them safely to protect you, your property and the surrounding structures.


Glass installation in itself is an art, if done incorrectly it can compromise the integrity of the entire structure. We will provide superior results and installation services to ensure the durability and longevity of the glass that we use.


From toughened, double glazed panels, to traditional panels of glass, we can ensure that your specific needs are met and that you are beyond satisfied with the results that we achieve, no matter the height of your building.