Acid Etching

Both sandblasted and acid-etched glass uses a process of abrasives in order to create a frosted look on the glass. The acid treatment we offer for our glass is used to create a wide array of pieces. When you opt for our acid etched glass you will have a true frosted look, which is much more affordable than the sandblasting counterpart.


Modern construction has begun using acid etched glass as it adds a trendy design element which provides a durable finish that reduces reflection and glare. Additionally, it adds privacy, provides an appearance of texture and increase the light transmission. We will help you to select the proper acid-etched glass for your application.


Even though the process of creating acid etched glass is fairly consistent, there are still variations that are present which make the surface inconsistent in some areas. When you are selecting the type of glass to etch, you will likely have some objectives in mind, which may include:

• Diffusion of light;

• Privacy;

• Visual Appearance;

• Light transmission;

• Integration with the other objects in the space;

• Using daylight for increased efficiency.


We can provide you with several finishes for the glass that you select. The smoothness and opacity will create a different visual effect, which impacts the performance of the glass’s ability to provide light reflection and transmission.


You can opt to have your glass etched on both sides, which will enhance the characteristics that are present. This provides superior results when you wish to have the same visual effect on each side of the glass.


We can offer you any type of custom etching for your glass that you desire. It is perfect for both interior and exterior spaces in order to provide a unique look or trendy style.